Vianey Cruz – Nasty, Dirty Commute

Nasty, Dirty Commute


Vianey meets up with her after-school booty call JMac for cum-relief. They pick an old graffitti-covered school bus to fuck in. This way no one can see them. Vianey is a tiny girl at 5’4″ and 105 pounds, and JMac towers over her. She is like a little fuck doll in his hands. Picking her up and carrying her around is effortless, so much the better for lowering her cunt over his stiff pole in different positions. She struggles to get as much of his large meat in her small mouth as she can. JMac likes her to wear her slut shoes and white cotton panties while he pounds and creams her, pulling the fabric to the side as he thrusts into her pink sweetness. She is his personal fuck toy, away from the prying eyes of her friends who figure she just goes home after school, not getting dicked in secret by this older dude.

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