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Alina West – Hidden Nerd Bod

Hidden Nerd Bod What does Alina have going on under her long-sleeved shirt, tie and sweater vest? A hot body which she shouldn’t be afraid to show off! This guy must have sex-ray vision because he sees through Alina’s nerdy facade to the hot, horny gi…


Lizzy Bell – A Fuck to Remember

A Fuck to Remember Lizzy goes from uptight nerd to horny slut the second this guy puts his hand on her pussy. Within moments of this scene opening, his tongue is in her asshole and it’s on. She chokes down his cock, eager to get it hard and wet for her…


Alice Green – Nerds Are Some of the Biggest Sluts

Nerds Are Some of the Biggest Sluts It might seem counterintuitive that nerdy chicks crave cock as much as their sluttier, more popular peers. Shouldn’t they be more preoccupied with studying and getting good grades? Well, they are. But that doesn’t me…


Cassidy Ryan – Senior Slut Day

Senior Slut Day What starts off as an innocent senior skip day at the pool turns into an all-out pussy-munching lez-fest. Sasha is hanging out with her equally hot MILF friend Desiree when Maddy and Cassidy stop by to use the pool. No one can resist t…


Jennifer Matthews – Daydreaming About Dick

Daydreaming About Dick Jennifer could not care less about whatever boring crap her teacher is talking about. She’s too busy fantasizing about sucking his cock, and since she’s an assertive little nerd, she makes this daydream come true. Jennifer goes u…

Teaching Princess A Lesson

Teaching Princess A Lesson Kasey is a bit of a brat and needs to be taught a lesson. And who better to put her in her place than Sasha? Our MILF tutor pulls her ponytail and asks her if she’s ever sucked cock. Kasey says yes, but Sasha wants to see for…

Sexy Stream

Sexy Stream Charli must’ve drank a ton of water, because that’s quite the stream of piss she unleashes! She even soaks her sandals while squatting in the backyard to pee. After relieving her bladder of some pressure, she’s free to do what she’s been cr…

Butt Student

Butt Student “This was my first three-way, and I couldn’t have asked for a hotter experience!” Alice told us after her scene. “It really helps to be with an older woman to guide you along the way. Going into it, I had no idea that I would end up doing…

Tight Lil’ Nerd

Tight Lil’ Nerd Cassidy is a nerd who dresses like a school marm, but under those frumpy clothes and big glasses she’s actually a hot-bodied teen who’s ripe for the fucking. In this scene, she lets a bad-boy jock plow her slit with his girthy pole. The…

Bustin' In the Neighbors'

Bustin’ In the Neighbors’

Bustin' In the Neighbors'

Kasey gets a thrill from sneaking in her neighbors’ house to fuck. We get a thrill out of seeing her gobble down a fat cock and hearing her sexy sucking noises. For a teen babe she knows how to blow. And unlike most girls her age, Kasey is sporting a sexy triangle of pubes. She hops on top of this guy’s dick to grind her hips back and forth, clearly enjoying the ride in reverse and regular cowgirl. One thing we like about Kasey is that she doesn’t overdo it on the moaning. When a gasp or a squeal escapes her lips, it’s the real deal. We see her tense up as she diddles her clit, preparing for an intense orgasm that spells itself out on her face. Her guy’s orgasm spells itself out on her face, too, but in a much more literal sense.

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Prepping Her Pussy

Prepping Her Pussy “Does it look too tight to you?” Cassidy says while rubbing her pussy. Apparently she’s had some complaints that her cunny is too snug to fit a cock, so she’s going to practice loosening it up with her fingers. Even just slipping one…

Extraordinary clit pulling as the most shock-giving procedure red-hair girlie Asya gets through at the kinky med exam

The beginning of this clinic examination is slightly bizarre, however, red-haired small-titted cupid Asya has seen many perverted researchers and hair-curling clinic accessories in her patient life! Oh, girlie, you have to be more wary and attentive at your 29 – this male gyno doctor is a freak and the med survey is a complex […]

From titty survey to med fetish wash to finger fuck – all indignities of chesty testee Natali

Some male researchers are admirers of rectal checkups; the rest adore inspecting big and small orbs. This almost bald-headed stud in the dark overall is excited about washed snatches – for this reason,full-bosomed foxy testee Natali ought to go to the shower room and take the most offensive shower in her existence of a gyno […]

Teeny bottom, pussy, mouth and soul of large-breasted brunette lovelie Daria put to many evil med manipulations

Completely able-bodied? No any pains? Plz don’t tell this examiner about your vigor as long as the guy has cognisance that here are no totally strapping gals and hates hootchies essaying to steer clear of getting by the top-to-toe clinic research cos they are “hale”. WTF is 19 y. o. teen big-breasted dolly Daria going […]

Sport filly with big boobies Dora contents the crooked and nasty dreams of the male gynie during the nuddy survey

How the fuck could you grab a sport medical certificate if you are a bubbied beauteous gymnast and the researcher seems a crazy fan of examining flexy attention-grabbers in the hardest and most shock-giving manners? 21 y. o. clever sweetie Dora has idea about how to go thru medical checkups – you must reenact all […]