Monthly Archive: December 2012

Fetish med orgy – a merry les medical girl, a sexcited male researcher and horrified testee Julia

It seems so damn silly to be so terrified at the medic inquiry, esp. for pretty adult beaut Julia E. inasmuch as the slutress has already passed a great deal of screenings, definitely. Then again, the unclothed spread cutie looks so fucking staggered that it is practically unattainable to put a dental gag in her […]

Back wrench treating of big-boobed doll Jenny including gynecologic analysis, medic oil massage and climax

Sex exercising is the utmost pharmacon for back soreness, and this is a well-known fact, not a jape of queer doctors day-dreaming to entice the adorable examinees. Massage is also wide-spread therapy for aching back. And in case you mix rub-down and fucking (or, leastwise, hand game), the end result will be immediate and astounding. […]