Bunnie’s Secret

Bunnie’s Secret

Bunnie's Secret - Bunnie Hughes

Bunnie’s got a secret, and she doesn’t want her dad to find out. That’s because she has a crush on his friend, who’s a much older man. Good thing horny old men are good at keeping secrets, because Bunnie’s taking off all her clothes and rubbing her pussy right on his desk. Dad would definitely not approve, and that’s part of the reason it turns her on.

“Do you like my perky little tits? I can barely make them touch,” she says.

Bunnie Hughes runs her hands up and down her body, making her way down to her juicy pussy. She gets on all fours and sticks her ass in the air, spreading her twat lips and showing off her tight asshole.

“The idea of a young girl exploring herself turns you on, doesn’t it?” Why yes, it does. Bunnie works two fingers into her slit, building up the speed till we hear the squish-squish noise as she finger-bangs herself. She’s the epitome of a naughty schoolgirl…one that dad’s friend will only be able to resist for so long.

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