Cum Soaked Socks

Cum Soaked Socks

Cum Soaked Socks

Megan is recording a naughty video on her phone. She’s flashing her panties and her bra and sticking her toes in the camera without a care…until her dad’s friend catches her.

“My boyfriend is kinda into feet,” Megan says.

“That’s cool, because I’m kind of into them too,” dad’s friend replies.

He rubs her feet and comments on how cute her socks are. She rubs his cock and gets aroused at how big and hard it is. Megan is good with her feet…but she’s even better with her mouth. She gives him a sloppy, loud blow job and lets him face-fuck her until she’s drooling all down her chin.

This guy slides his cock into Megan’s meaty pussy and she goes to town rubbing her big clit. She has a body-shaking orgasm and says, “I just came all over your dick!” Then it’s the guy’s turn, and he sprays his load all over feet.

“I’m gonna wear these cum-soaked socks when I go out because it makes me feel so naughty!”

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