Disobedient clinic testee Maria transforms a vicious gyno investigation into a battle of female modesty and male itch

Gyno fetish spreader inserted in a shocked vagina

Each silly dolly, who the fuck hopes to get a medical certificate without getting by a gynecological examination and becoming shot in the most humbling unclad postures, should not take a step inside this doc room. Cuz this male analyst is not going to give certificates without scrupulous inspection and shoot. At the same time, what if a test bird is assertative and wild – for example, like young slim cutey Maria?

This itty-bitty-titted swim girl needs a medical certificate for a natatorium – at the same time, she is ready to undergo neither a smut mouth inspection (bj like and toy fuck including), nor a painful gynecologic inspection. Allright, lassie, you can forsake our room in case you do not wanna pass thru these manipulations! Or, perhaps, you still need the certificate? If yup, come on, let the therapist study and photograph you in detail!

Maledom medical temperature taking at a gyno fetish exam

Gab, buttocks and snatch inspection with a syringe, fingers, a dilatant and a love toy and other manipulations in 19 min Hi-Res movie and 114 high-quality shots are at SpecialExamination.com!

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