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Brooke Lynn – A Hot Stream

A Hot Stream Brooke has to pee. We’re not exactly sure why she has to get totally naked in someone’s yard to do that, but we’re not going to ask any questions. She’s got a sweet rack and ass so we’re happy to see every inch of her. We get a glimpse of…

Brooke Lynn – Frisked & Fucked

Frisked & Fucked

Frisked & Fucked

Shoplifting doesn’t always lead to sex, but with a curvy sexpot like Brooke it does! The store clerk catches her putting shoes in her bag and gives her a thorough frisking that ends with his lips wrapped around her nipples and clit. They get into a groove as the store clerk screws her on top of the display table, which they eventually use for leverage to fuck in a standing position. We see his cock thrust into her, and Brooke is getting hornier by the second. She may not have gotten away with stealing shoes, but she stole a big load of this guy’s cum.

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